Nice Fish

On a frozen Minnesota lake, two old friends are out on the ice and they are angling for something big, as the wind howls, boredom numbs and existential emptiness chills their bones. Mark Rylance has brought together prose poems by Louis Jenkins, the result being a series of sketches that explore love, memory and sadness. … Continue reading Nice Fish

The Spoils

Nobody likes Ben. Ben doesn’t even like Ben. He bullies everyone in his life, including his roommate Kalyan, an earnest Nepalese immigrant. When Ben discovers that his school crush is marrying a straight-laced banker, he sets out to destroy their relationship and win her back. Scott Elliott’s production was sleek and full of humour yet … Continue reading The Spoils


X tells the story of a crew who are based on Pluto and have lost contact with Earth. Unable to leave or send for help, they wait for someone to rescue them and slowly lose their grip on reality. Set inside a research facility which was tilted causing the actors all to lean to one side. … Continue reading X

The Maids

The Maids tells the story of Solange and Claire, who are two housemaids, who construct elaborate rituals of killing their employer when their Mistress is away. Jamie Lloyd’s production was a blaze of colour, violence, stillness and humour. The stage was a traverse stage, the actors inside a box; the floor was a diamond beige … Continue reading The Maids

The Dazzle

The Dazzle is the story of Langley Collyer, an aspiring concert pianist, who is cared for by his older brother Homer and their encounters with the wealthy, rebellious Milly Ashmore. The stage was set in a thrust staging with Ben Stones’ design being both simplistic and crowded. Within the main acting space lay a piano, chaise longue … Continue reading The Dazzle